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5 Resolutions to Kickstart the New Year



If you want to make the most of 2017 get out of bed and go after it! Welcome change. Laugh more. Meet new faces. Get out of your comfort zone. Throw away the unnecessary space fillers. Surround yourself with positive spirits. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Be bold. Be grateful. Take opportunities that challenge you. Live unapologetically.

Here's a list of ideas to kickstart the New You in the New Year!

  1. Learn to Forgive

It's a new year, leave behind the past and welcome serenity in order to mend the broken relationships. Only focus on the things within your control. It is a waste of energy to harness a negative mindset or hold a grudge. It only takes 10 seconds of courage to step out of your comfort zone!

  1. Learn Something New

Dig out your old language books from high school and brush up on your Spanish. Learn the language of your dream vacation spot. Take ballroom dancing classes or put on those cleats and kick around the soccer ball. Treat yourself to a watercolor paint set or ask your grandma to finally teach you knitting.

  1. Save Your Money for an Experience

What do you cherish more, your trip to Niagara Falls or your Patagonia sweater? Sometimes setting aside that $20 from your paycheck can be that road trip you've always talked about. The best memories could have the smallest price tag.

  1. Buy Local

Whether it be food or clothing, spend your money on the community you live in. It goes a long way to give your money to the local farmer's market instead of the mainstream grocery store. The extra dollars spent are worth it when you know where your money is going. This is another way to get out of your comfort zone for the new year!

  1. Make More Time for Things that Make You Happy

Everyone thinks the new year has to be about losing weight or getting that promotion, but the end goal should be happiness. If that means carving out time to meditate or cook yourself a healthy meal, then so be it. Finally get around to reading that book you’ve had on the shelf or get up early and watch the sunrise. Happiness is a different door for every individual, take time this new year to find your key.

Make 2017 a year where your resolutions turn into good habits.