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5 Things to Know About a Good Acupuncturist

“5 things to know about a good acupuncturist”

The fear of needles scares many away from trying acupuncture. However, the list of reliefs that come along with receiving this treatment are endless. There are many who do not understand what to look for in a acupuncturist. Finding the right acupuncturist can be tricky, so here is some helpful insight about finding the right acupuncturist for you!

Experience- A good acupuncturist is knowledgeable and insightful about their practice. They are not only experts on the medical aspect, but they also understand different diseases and injuries that people will be bringing to them. This usually  means that the acupuncturist has been out of school for four to five years.

Ability to Listen- The right acupuncturist will treat their patients as people and will realize that each person has different needs. They will listen and be able to pick the best treatments most suitable for you.The acupuncturist should actively engage and ask questions to make sure they understand your situation to the best of their ability.

Education- Licensed Acupuncturists are required to have a minimum of 1,800 to 2,400 hours or more of education and clinical training, depending on the requirements for the state. Licensed Acupuncturists also practice Chinese Medicine, which has been around for thousands of years and uses herbal medicine and different body practices to prevent and treat health problems. There are many different areas of acupuncture and it is necessary to understand which kind of treatment will be best for your body and which acupuncturist can be the most beneficial.

Comfortability- Acupuncture can be frightening, especially to those who have never experienced it before, the right acupuncturist will make sure you feel at ease and comfortable. They must be sensitive to your needs and be willing to work in your comfort zone. Each person heals in their own way and by providing an environment where the patient feels comfortable disclosing their problems, the healing process has already begun.

Goes the Extra Mile- Acupuncturists should not only be providing you with the best and most beneficial treatment possible, but they should also be providing you with helpful tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The healing process will be most successful if the patient makes an effort outside of the treatments. Both the patient and acupuncturist are key in this process.

Acupuncture is becoming more prominent and proving to be extremely successful. It is important not only to understand how the treatment works, but to also find the right acupuncturist for you. Research local acupuncturists in your area and try this awesome treatment!