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Celebrities Suffer Too!

Celebrities are the last people we think to suffer from chronic pain. From their busy schedules to constant appearances in the spotlight, their lives are always on the move. However, it turns out they are not any different from the other 20 million people in the U.S that report having chronic back pain! 

Check out the secret struggles of some household names...

Perhaps one of the more well known celebrities for having back pain, George Clooney, is open about his struggles. George Clooney’s health took a turn for the worse when he injured himself while filming a scene for Syriana in 2005.  According to Huffington Post, it took the doctor's weeks to figure out what had gone wrong with his health before they eventually discovered that there was fluid leaking from his spine, proving the severity of his condition.

Like many other back sufferers, Clooney struggled with various prescribed pain medications from his doctors. As a result of the medication, he dealt with stomach pain and did not like the high he felt when taking the medication. Clooney has learned how manage the pain, with the help of therapy and different pain medications.

 Bono, the Irish singer-songwriter and musician, has struggled with chronic pain for several years. He injured himself in numerous stage accidents, as well as a bike accident a few years ago that shattered bones in his arms and legs. According to ABC News, he was able to get himself back on track thanks to surgery and lots of recovery time.  

 Paula Abdul, most recently known for her role on American Idol, has suffered from chronic pain since the age of seventeen when she injured herself in a cheerleading accident. To make matters worse, Paula was in a car accident in 1987 and plane crash 1993, which increased the severity of her pain. Abdul’s chronic pain affected many parts of her life, whether it be judging on American Idol, performing on tour, or something as simple as her mood each day.

In 2004, According to Everyday Health, Abdul was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, a rare neuropathic disorder that causes intense, unexplained pain.  After almost giving up on hopes for relief, Paula began Enbrel treatments, a shot once a week that helps to treat arthritis. This proved a remarkable treatment for Paula, who is now able to enjoy life more and gives the now gives the advice to pain sufferers to find a support group, as the pain can be so isolating.  

 Bo Derek, famous for her role in the movie 10, has struggled with back pain. Her chronic pain  stemmed from years of horseback riding, ultimately leading to a herniated disc. Her low back pain has prompted her to participate in the “Many Faces of Pain”, an exhibit that traveled around the world raising awareness for pain management.

 Tobey Maguire, star of Spider-Man, has dealt with on-and-off back pain for numerous years according to ABC news, which was exacerbated by his stunt-heavy roles, making his pain management more difficult. In 2003, Maguire suffered a herniated disk while filming scenes in Seabiscuit and has caused him trouble since.


80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life. With so many solutions involving prescription medications, a great start on the road to recovery is finding non-invasive solutions for chronic pain. Whether it be trying products like our Back2Sleep back brace or simply joining a new yoga class at the gym, there are healthy, non invasive form of chronic pain management that exist, just don’t give up looking!