Curative Orthopaedics

Curative Orthopaedics Heads to the Healthy Brand Showcase!

We had a blast attending the Healthy Brand Showcase in New York City last week! Our team met other awesome companies from the Northeast that are all striving to put healthy and organic products on the market.

The Healthy Brand Showcase is an event held twice a year, where companies sell organic beauty, fitness, food and wellness products. The vendors ranged from Erin’s Faces, who sells natural, cruelty-free skincare products to Torie and Howard, who sells an array of organic candies.

Our team enjoyed being stationed next to Koffie Straw, a company that helps keep your smile brighter and the earth greener through their silicon heat-resistant straw! Jeremy and Thomas were excited about getting to try the Koffie Straw for themselves. We also loved snacking on Brad’s Organic delicious chips and salsa samples throughout the busy day.

The Healthy Brand Showcase attracted industry experts, celebrities, and different media companies. They got the chance to hear the stories behind the products, sample them and collect giveaways! The picture below is of Samantha explaining Back2Sleep to Gabrielle Ortiz, from “My Crazy Ex Girlfriend”.

We were inspired to see so many awesome and friendly companies that are creating healthy alternatives. We loved debuting Back2Sleep and we were happy to see such a positive vibe from the audience. Special thanks to Amanda Leesburg of Leesburg PR and Paige Wolf of Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations, who gave us the opportunity to attend the Healthy Brand Showcase and show off our latest product in development