Curative Orthopaedics

Exciting Updates in the Office

Our clinical trial of Back2Sleep is officially underway and our talented team has been working hard pulling insights from our trial data!

How is The Trial Structured?

The trial period lasts six weeks for each participant. For the first 3 weeks, the participants wear a  Fitbit Charge HR to allow our team to track their daily activity and sleep schedule. Participants also self report their back pain using the Wong Baker FACES Pain Scale, pictured below.

During week four, the participants receive Back2Sleep and continue to wear the brace for the remainder of the trial. During weeks 4-6, participants continue reporting their pain levels with the Wong Baker FACES Pain Scale, while also continuing to wear the Fitbit Charge HR.  

At the conclusion of the trial, our staff conducts a follow up interview to receive feedback, suggestions and comment about their experience with the brace. Below are some responses:

“I sleep well with the brace and wake up feeling better...The pressure feels good on my back muscles.”  - Participant CO022

"If I didn’t wear the brace one or two days I would notice a difference. I was in less pain nights I wore the brace”.  - Participant CO001

Crunching the Numbers

Along with receiving positive verbal feedback, our Clinical Research Coordinator, Charity Calloway, Chief Medical Advisor, Sameer Sood, and Trial Analyst Kayal Nunemacher crunched the numbers to see if the quantitative data matched the qualitative data, and our preliminary findings concluded that Back2Sleep reduced pain by 18.5%, with a P value of 0.07!  We are so thrilled that our brace has been helping so many individuals who suffer from chronic back pain!

Curative Orthopaedics is looking forward to launch Back2Sleep™, so more people suffering from chronic pain can be helped!  Don’t miss out! Back2Sleep™ can be pre-ordered now through June 30th, 2016. Order now and receive 15% and begin your recovery to a more comfortable, healthier lifestyle.