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Get to Know Turk McBride!


We are excited to announce that former NFL player, Turk McBride, is officially supporting Curative Orthopaedics! Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his past experience with the NFL, what he's up to these days and his motivation to work with us. Check it out!

CO: I hear you played for the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears. Tell me about your experience. 

TM: It was a blessed opportunity for me to play football for the NFL. Growing up, I channeled my energy into perfecting my craft, then went on to play for the University of Tennessee before I got recruited. I spent 7 years in the NFL and it was an honor to compete with some of the world’s greatest athletes.

CO: Do you have any advice you’d like to give to anyone who wants to pursue professional football? 

TM: It was such an amazing privilege to play for the NFL. However, if this is something you want to pursue as a career, dedication is everything. This is such a physical sport that can take a toll on your body and mind, so you need to have your heart and soul in it. As long as you know what you’re getting yourself into, then go for it!

CO: As you know, our CEO, Samantha Simmons, suffered from an athletic injury in collegiate track, which motivated her to start Curative Orthoapedics. She still suffers from chronic back pain, and she wants to help others like her. Playing for the NFL, I’m sure you’ve had and seen your fair share of injuries. Is that what made you want to work with us?

TM: Absolutely. When Sami introduced me to the organization, I immediately was drawn to it. After suffering from a few injuries during my time with the NFL, I’ve experienced chronic back pain myself. I believe in her mission, and I know she can help a lot of people, especially with the new Back2Sleep brace. 

CO: How has your workout regimen changed since you’ve suffered from athletic injuries? Do you have any special workouts you would recommend to others in your similar situation?

TM: I was a defensive lineman during my football career, so I was in the trenches and I still suffer from both chronic back and neck pain. I definitely can’t go as hard as I used to in the weight room. Overall, I recommend any low-resistance workouts. Pull workouts are good, because they’re easy on the joints. And water workouts are great too, because you’ll get your cardio in. My trainers in college and in the NFL always had the players doing those.

CO: Now that your time in the NFL is over, I see that you’ve been really involved in community service. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

TM: I dedicate as much free time as I can to help others. I’m currently living in Adelanto, California, and I actually just sponsored a food giveaway for 1,000 low-income families in my community. It was right around Christmas time, so I was beyond thrilled to give families the holiday they deserved. And as my roots go back to Camden, NJ, I’ve always given back to my hometown that raised me. I’m also involved in the Feed the Children and Make-a-Wish foundations. 

CO: What are the main things you want to accomplish through your partnership with us?

TM: The main goal of my partnership with Curative Orthopaedics is outreach. I’ve developed a lot of great relationships with past collegiate and professional athletic trainers, so my objective is to raise awareness to them about Samantha’s mission and products. The more people that see the benefits of her products, including Back2Sleep, the more that people will understand and support it. I am excited to see this new company grow and for all future endeavors that lie ahead!