Curative Orthopaedics

Just how important is good posture?


Having good posture ranks just as important as eating right, exercising daily and getting the right amount of sleep. How we carry ourselves when walking, sitting or just relaxing plays a pivotal role in maintaining good posture.  When you are sitting correctly, it means your muscles, joints and ligaments are correctly aligned, contributing to a normal functioning nervous system.

Constantly slouching our hunching can affect our digestion, circulation and spine. Experts say poor posture constricts the movement of the diaphragm and weakens the abdominal muscles.

We may not see the immediate consequences of bad posture, but we will pay the price as we age! Our spines have excellent memories, controlling our posture now will have long term benefits.

Next time you are in the car, sitting in a meeting or just walking around, remember how vital good posture is. Here are some easy tips to use everyday to work towards a better posture:

  1. Incorporate yoga into your exercise routine
  2. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet
  3. Train your cores muscles
  4. Perform exercises targeting the back extensors, neck flexors and pelvic muscles
  5. Roll up a towel and place it at your lumbar spine while driving or sitting for extended periods of time.