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TEDMED 2015: Sameer Tells All


Sameer Sood, our Medical Advisor at Curative Orthopaedics, recently attended TEDMED in Palm Springs, CA! Read all about his experience below.

Technology Entertainment Design Medical is essentially what TEDMED stands for. All four of those words define my life at this point, so clearly this Southern California resort location was heaven for me for many more reasons than just the ample hot tubs and palm trees.

I was blown away by my volunteer experience back at TEDMED 2013 in Washington, D.C. so I was hoping for an equally fantastic time this year. Surprisingly however, I had some conflicting thoughts this time around.

What didn’t change was the chills I got (despite it being 85 and sunny) when I walked into the speaker theater for the first time; It was a massive ballroom turned theater with comfortable seating ranging from barstools to couches and lounge chairs--why not be relaxed while being inspired?

Aside from the theater, there was the famous Hive that highlighted up and coming startups and sponsor organizations. It was an awesome place to watch the talks, network, and refuel on healthy drinks and snacks.

Overall, the speeches were perfect, the delegates were incredibly established and the evening events were superb. Here are some of my conflicting thoughts:

  1. The speeches were perfect. That famous “TED” style of speaking and portraying ideas finally started getting to me. It seemed the speakers had the formula and perfectly delivered it in the same style over and over again. I loved the speakers whose realness, personality and overall human side shined through. One notable speaker was Sam Vaughn. He spoke about how vaccines are made from the disease itself, so as a former convict, HE is the vaccine. It made me think...what “disease” have we overcome in order to help others do the same?
  2. The delegates were incredibly established. Of course this is expected at a top healthcare innovation conference. But with so much of the future of healthcare and medicine being presented and discussed, I just wish there was a way for more of the future of healthcare and medicine to be in attendance and share in all the beauty that TED conferences are, outside of the free Youtube videos and podcasts. Yes, there were a number of volunteers and students on scholarship there, but it was a small percentage of the whole. With ticket prices of $5000 a pop, maybe most of us will just have to wait until we’ve successfully created the future in order to afford events where we can talk and learn about it.
  3. The evening events were superb. They were superb not only because of the networking, the food and drink, and the ridiculous mountainous palm tree, desert backdrop, but because of the simple moments. A big theme this conference seemed to be the value of happiness when it comes to health. From Holly Morris talking about healthy babushkas never leaving their homes in Chernobyl, to Vivek Murthy discussing improved outcomes for elementary school kids meditating in school, it was clear that finding happiness is the most basic and healthful therapeutic intervention--something we all can do. The evenings to me represented just that, friends and delegates getting together over a nice meal, a few drinks and just enjoying themselves. One of my favorite moments was a man playing some awesome 80s tunes on a piano, with a small group of men and women delegates dancing and singing their hearts out. As a future doctor and an enjoyer of fun, that’s the medication I’d like to prescribe.

We are beyond thrilled to have Sameer on board with us, bringing us his great expertise as he comes to us from the Incite Health Fellowship of the Harvard Center for Primary Care. Stay tuned for more great recaps from Curative Orthopaedics' team!!