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5 Life-Changing Reasons For Therapeutic Sleep + 5 Ways To Do It

Accomplish more while sleeping?!? Sounds like magic. Better life just from deep sleep? Sounds amazing! But the flipside is often a vicious cycle of health issues, and less and less sleep, making it hard to live your life to its fullest. ... I’ll go for the first option, please!



  1. Decreasing Inflammation

7-9 hours of sleep lowers blood levels of inflammatory proteins, but even 5-6 hours of deep sleep is better than 7-9 hours of tossing and turning. According to, deep sleep with muscle relaxation and unconstricted bloodflow equals less inflammation, chronic conditions and pain.

  1. Stress Levels

If you’re too stressed, you can't sleep; if you can’t sleep, you’ll be more stressed. A vicious cycle! We face several stressors each day and just a little bit deeper sleep each night will help you tackle what life decides to throw at you each day. Baby steps!

  1. Brain Functions

The quality & quantity of sleep determines how well our brains process and retain information. Without sleep, we can’t focus, learn efficiently, or consolidate new memories. Better sleep could help you advance your career & make smart decisions. Return on investment!

  1. Physical Energy

Does your body feel lethargic or heavy? Without deep sleep, our bodies experience more fatigue, and less recovery, stamina, energy, and performance. An earlier bedtime can also help maintain a healthy weight, because when we lose deep sleep, we lose muscle mass.

  1. Spur Your Creativity

Researchers at Harvard university and Boston College found that when we sleep we strengthen the emotional components of a memory. This can help spur our creative processes. Sleep also assists the brain in making connections between unrelated ideas and memories, which increases the likelihood that a creative idea will surface.



  1. Keep your Sleep Space Dark

Avoiding the glow from your alarm clock or the light from your phone can make a big difference when sleeping. Bright light affects our biological clock & signals our body to produce less melatonin. If you need to, consider sleeping with an eye-mask!

  1. Avoid Sleeping on your Stomach & Use a Pillow in Strategic Positions Depending on Your Issues

Sleeping on our stomach flattens the natural curve in our spine, which can add strain to the muscles in our back and neck. If this is the only position you can get comfortable in, put a pillow under the lower part of your abdomen and pelvis.

There are different sleeping positions and tactics that can help ease specific areas of pain. If you have lower back pain try sleeping in the fetal position with a pillow between your knees. If you are suffering from middle or upper back pain trying sleeping with a pillow under your upper arm and a pillow under your neck to keep your head aligned with your spine.

The position that maximizes relaxation and bloodflow to your spine/muscles is on your back, with a pillow under your knees.

  1. Pain & Stress Management Techniques

Taking time out of your busy schedule to find the right pain management techniques can help your sleep schedule. Meditation, ice or hot baths, and aromatherapy could make a big difference when it comes to improving your pain. And try to free your mind especially at night.

  1. Maintain a Routine, and Avoid Staying in Bed in the Morning

Laying around or tossing and turning in bed after you wake won’t help you get any more deep sleep, and can make you groggy and strained. Trust your body, which is trying to help you stay on a consistent schedule. Face the light of day, and strive for easy routine bedtime at night. Baby steps will help you get better and better each day!

  1. Try a Support Garment Designed Specifically for Maximum Sleep Therapy, Rest, Recovery, and Reduced Pain

Back2Sleep® by Curative Orthopaedics is the one comfortable non-invasive therapeutic garment designed specifically for sleep. It uses 3 components for enhanced sleep therapy: acupressure, compression, and thermotherapy (use of heat/cold): all clinically proven to ease nighttime back pain by relaxing the muscles, increasing bloodflow, and providing comfortable support.

FDA approved Clinical Trial users had significant improvement, regularly wearing the garment while sleeping. Some even call it a miracle for chronic pain.

 Due to success found by those who wear the garment, Curative Orthopaedics gives back the full cost if comfortable sleep is not achieved.