Product Testimonials for Back2sleep®

TESTIMONIALS from clinical trial users with chronic pain, who used Back2Sleep® for a minimum of 3 weeks while sleeping.



  • “I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and because of this I have only been able to properly sleep for an hour or two. But thanks to the Back2Sleep brace that is a thing of the past. It has lowered my pain from excruciating to comfortable and I am now able to sleep six to seven hours, something I haven’t been able to do in 5 years!” Los Angeles, CA.  
  • “My back pain is noticeably less and I can sleep better thanks to the brace.” – New York, NY.
    • “Helped with increasing my sleep and reducing back pain.” – Kappa, HI.
      • "Snug and Comfy compression on my back that allows for a more restful sleep and a less painful morning.  Wearing the Back2Sleep brace is a significant part of managing my chronic lower back pain.  Thank you!" – Ardmore, Pa.
        •  "My Experience with the Back2Sleep brace has been a great one! I have noticed that from wearing the brace there has been significant increase in my energy levels.  I feel much more rested each day with less soreness as well. Thank you for including me in this study."  – West Chester, Pa.
          • "The brace not only helps drastically relieve my morning stiffness, it also allows me to fall asleep faster.  The brace helped me get more quality sleep and spend less time awake and/or restless.  I will continue to wear it as part of my chronic back pain management regimen."  – San Antonio, TX.
            • "The Back2Sleep Brace has helped my back pains during the day of sitting in the office for 9hrs at a time. Relieving my back pain at night, has helped me get through the day without any back issues." – Lancaster, TX.