Curative Orthopaedics


"I slept with it last night because my lower back was getting a bit tight and I figured I try it and I honestly don't know much about the science behind back mechanics but I do know that my back felt great this AM." - Chris Carter. Linebacker, Washington Redskins.

"I love the brace. It works great. It really makes me feel better. Thank you so much. You guys are the best." - Garett Bolles. Offensive Tackle. Denver Broncos.

"I just got it and wearing it during my nap right now it works great on my back." - Martavis Bryant. Wide Receiver. Pittsburgh Steelers. 

"I have it and I love it. Has helped me sleep better and I feel less pain in my back since I've had it." - Demarcus Ayers. Wide Receiver. NE Patriots (Practice Squad).

"It felt so comfortable. It was easy to relax for a long time! -" Darnell Leslie. Defensive Lineman. Dallas Cowboys.

"Yes I love it, great on my back I actually wear it to practice meetings." - Terrance Williams. Wide Receiver. Dallas Cowboys.

"I was able to try the brace and I did notice a difference in my lower back pain." - Houston Bates. Linebacker. Free Agent, Formerly with Washington Redskins 2017.

"It's really comfortable." - Kenny Clark. Tackle. Green Bay Packers. 

"It works really well definitely provides relief when I'm extra sore." - C.J. Sapong. Forward. Philadelphia Union.

[Instagram Post] "If you are having back problems throughout the night I may have something for you. This brace brings me a more comfortable night of sleep. With this brace it provides Compression, Acupressure, and Thermotherapy to help you throughout the night. Thank you @curative_orthopaedics for sending me this product. It helps a lot."  - Curtis Grant. Linebacker. New York Giants.

[Instagram Post] "Dormroom beds was killing my lower back by thanks to @Curative_Orthopaedics I get better sleep and comfort. Thank you guys for the awesome gear. #BetterSleep #terribletowel" - Trey Williams. Running Back. Free Agent (Formerly with the Pittsburgh Steelers 2017).

"I wore the brace at night during camp. I woke up with no soreness and it even helped my shoulder." - Landon Collins. Safety. NY Giants.